Be like Bilal


Meet Bilal, he is a popping pills master, Bilal had a wife… he wasn’t sure about her loyalty to him, he started to imagine her doing dirty business , hookering around and sucking some dicks now and then when he is all on the pills, He once dreamed of her fucking his best amigo, he saw his friends ass touching her hand, he can’t see it the other way around, like her hand touching his ass and screaming fuck me, fuck me better than that dirty husband of mine, he could see his dick pleasuring the bitch, Bilal had a vision, He ought to kill his wife, but he just couldn’t do it the way other people do it, he is so skeptical that he thought if he killed her without a clue, based on some fucking imagination. He would get in trouble, so he popped to Tramadol’s with his cousin – he was a poor motherfucker who just wants to fuck. He told Bilal the same ordinary question he used to ask him every time after his minds fades away: I’m dreaming of fucking, when could I fuck?! A bright Idea came to Bilal, he said: why don’t you fuck my wife?

The cousin looked at Bilal with hazy eyes and said: your wife?! No offense but I don’t like her ass.

Bilal said: you were looking at my wife’s ass you bastard?

The cousin said: Everyone did it man, just chill.

Bilal told his cousin that he wants him to fuck his wife, he explained some kind of plan just came to his mind, he said to him” look, you fuck my wife, I suddenly come to the house and see that scene, I get madly fucked up, so I shot you in the foot, I shoot her in the mind, and we all good… you get your fuck, I get her killed and rest my mind of her cheating on me that bitch”

The promised day came along, The cousin made a connection with that wife of Bilal and found out that she really is a whore who gives her pussy, a sex addict maybe, the main point is: she was cheating on Bilal. The cousin called Bilal and told him he had a rendezvous with his wife and he was going to have sex with her, Bilal made his plan on process, he thought to himself: how did that fucker of a cousin got to his wife so easy, told his wife that she must not expect him the next few days, because as he explained that a lot of work going on, and the man won’t come to home until night, the cousin did it, he went to Bilal’s house, made love to the wife, and Bilal sneaked into his bedroom, he madly saw the scene, his cousin saw him, he did get terrified, but the wife, she was all busted, she didn’t know what to do, Bilal with the pistol in his hand pulled the trigger shouting on both of them : I’m going to kill you, you dirty whore, and you too son of a bitch. He shot his wife right in the head, shot his cousin too. The scene got all fucked up with two bullets in two heads. Be like Bilal… when everything get screwed shoot madly, Bilal always figures it out, Bilal is smart.

Another Bilal you have to it is a Bilal who works in what so called governmental security unit, you know those people who post on facebook news about how perfect their security plans work, they snatch a drug dealer, kill some terrorist and maybe get the terrorist plan all messed up, they also do some kind of getting high freely smoking weed that they get from poor fuckers who get in their governmentally hands, they drop a lot of bad, hopeless and dirty people in their what so called ” jails”: rooms of one of Gaddafi’s old ass’s kissers. Bilal and his crew had an extra job, because you know: the money you get from a governmental security unit is not enough, what could 2000 LYD do in these days?! Nothing, Bilal kidnap people legally of course, he do some paper work on the poor fellow who is wanted to be put in jail, write some report about how he was working with Gaddafi’s shit, shitting weed maybe or stealing some money. Bilal and his fellows are getting a nice amount of money just with doing shit legally, the poor fellow get to the jails of the government, the one who wanted him to have a lesson get what he wants, Bilal get an extra pill, and everyone is happy. Be like Bilal, always do shit legally, Bilal knows how it works, Bilal is smart.

I had another Bilal on my mind, he is so special that I know I can’t talk freely about him, my third Bilal is: Bilal the Libyan, Bilal is a good Libyan citizen, he always believes what media tells him, he doesn’t kneel to the works of those who want to fuck up his country’s way of life, no matter what way of life he believes his country had, so he boom himself in the headquarter of some infidel’s militia, kill some nasty whores, kidnap some rich motherfuckers because they don’t share with the people, Bilal doesn’t go to his job, just because the government is a bitch, Bilal goes to work because he has hope, Bilal masturbate every day cuz there ain’t no pussy to feed him, Bilal this, Bilal that… all you have to know: Bilal is smart! Be like Bilal..


    1. naasios says:

      Weirder to write

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