Comic Story: hope

Back in 2014, I drew a story board of a comic story I had in mind, it was about the idea of hope, since I was sunk in some kind of nihilism back then. It was the first time to think of a story I write in the Comic form, and I didn’t have the means, knowledge, experience nor the connections to turn it into a nicely drawn comic story, I wasn’t a visual artist and I’m still not.

First draft, Terrible hand writing and drawing

In 2018, I started working with platform, one of the first things I thought of, is introducing new format of content to the audience, one of those formats were Comic Stories combined with 4 to 8 scenes, I worked with various incredible Libyan artists such as Mahmoud Alfathali, Aymen Suisi and Abdullah Hadiah, we worked on different themes, topics and ways to approach the audience.

First Draft, Terrible Handwriting and drawing

It was a time when I gained the experience, the means and the knowledge on working with Comic Stories, to the point I worked on an unpublished comic book with my friend Aymen Suisi, the book was inspired by a novel I wrote – and published in this blog-, I started to gain confidence on my work, and this comic especially is a celebration to that.

My wife refining my terrible hand writing and drawing

I wrote this story, done the storyboard and even financed its production, it is a story about hope, just like the hope I had to give myself a chance to discover a medium I always wanted to work with.

Illustration of the story is credited to my friend artist: Abdullah Hadiah, he made the work as smooth as possible and showed the beauty behind my bad font and sketching.

Final Product, one of the most comic stories I’m proud of, it speaks to my true self and ideas.

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