I speak Libyan.

The Social, Political and Economic Stories of a north African dialect, the Libyan Dialect.

Unfinished Gibberish

(Slices) Slices, my heart has been gathered from a different slices, One when I was a sheep in the land of God, the Shepard tells me right, I go right. Other survived from a broken soldier, who he just knew, that his mother lost her life, when she saw him, on the TV, with hisContinue reading “Unfinished Gibberish”

Be like Bilal

Meet Bilal, he is a popping pills master, Bilal had a wife… he wasn’t sure about her loyalty to him, he started to imagine her doing dirty business , hookering around and sucking some dicks now and then when he is all on the pills, He once dreamed of her fucking his best amigo, heContinue reading “Be like Bilal”